In Defense of Christian Music

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This article is to confront the notion that Christian music is suffering and no longer relevant. I say it is relevant. I will agree, Christian music had a lot of growing to do, but that does not excuse Christians using that as an excuse to dishonor them and, even worse, use it as an excuse to listen to secular music that not only talks about living a sinner’s life, but defames God and Jesus in the very lyrics.

I do not think it is a sin to listen to secular music, but let Holy Spirit guide you when listening to it. I enjoy rock and roll, country, pop, alternative, and yes, I’ll even dance to them, in the privacy of my home. Not because I think dancing is evil, but because I do not know how to dance.

That being said, some Christians take the few bad sounding Christians bands as an excuse not to listen to any Christian music, but even worse, they use it as an excuse to find understanding and “prophetic” meaning in secular which is not Biblical. Yes, God can speak through secular things including music, but finding spiritual and prophetic messages in secular things is not the rule or the exception. If God speaks to you with a rock song, great, but do not assume that means that there is a hidden meaning in every song the band or label puts out.

When I hear Christians brag on the talent of Mumford & Sons and One Direction, or even worse, Justin Bieber, but then viciously attack the music from Christian bands with a similar sound, I find that very insulting. If anything, it provides clean music for people to listen to so they don’t listen to trash.

Let me give you a testimony. I had a friend in my youth group who listened to music that was perverted and disturbing. Believe me, I am not exaggerating. It songs about sex, drugs, gang violence, and everything in between. His mother would try to get him to listen to anything, but he would refuse. He made a deal with his mother that if she could find something better, he would throw away everything and only listen to Christian music. When I heard this, I took a chance and gave him a CD packet full of Audio Adrenaline, RED, newsboys, Falling Up, and a whole host of others. Holy Spirit convicted his heart and as he listened to every single CD. He tossed out his secular music and started listening to music, while not exclusively Christian, was at least more healthy.

Now for my own story. While growing up, I was not allowed to listen to secular music when I was a kid and so I listened to such bands as newsboys, TobyMac, etc. I found their music did speak to my heart and helped me find perspective in some situations in my life. As I got older, I did discover the world of rock music and I never looked back. However, I did not get on the bandwagon (pardon the pun) where I was criticizing Christian music left and right. Granted, there are Christian bands that are not talented, but we should not throw the baby out with the bathwater. We have great Christian musicians like Corey Asbury, Jesus Culture, Kim Walker-Smith, The Afters, Mandisa, and so many more!

Let us support Christian music and as we do, more talented people will come to the forefront and bring us music that touches our hearts and spirit.

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This article is an updated and revised version of the article Opinion on Christian Music published on May 5th, 2013.


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