Just Imagine FIGHT- Godzilla VS Smaug


This imaginary battle is between two epic characters. One is science fiction and the other is fantasy.

From Middle Earth and the pages of the epic fantasy written by JRR Tolkien, we have Smaug. He is a treasure hoarding dragon that blows fire and steals treasure. He is powerful and unafraid. His opponent is the Japanese monster created by Tomoyuki Tanaka. His name is Godzilla. He was created as a metaphor for the Atomic Age. He has been hero, villain, and sometimes just a monster. These two giants are squaring off for an epic battle.

Smaug, the Fire Drake From The North:

Advantages– Flight, Strength, Fire Breath, Agile, Unbreakable scales

Disadvantages– His greed and sense of self-importance. One broken scale is loose, exposing the skin beneath.

Godzilla, King of the Monsters:

Advantages– Super strength, Atomic breath, Massive Tail

Disadvantages– No flight, skin is tough, but not invulnerable, Not agile

The Winner: Godzilla

This was tough. I’m not going to lie. I could not decide. Smaug is extremely powerful as is Godzilla. I thought about making it a tie, but Godzilla has one advantage. His atomic breath. It’s ten times stronger than fire and it could easily pierce the broken scale on Smaug. Though the dragon can fly, the monster has defeated many flying beasts including Mothra.

What do you think? Who do you think would win this epic fight? Anyone else you would like to see do battle? Let me know in the comments below. While you are at it, check out All-Star Superman VS Sentry. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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3 thoughts on “Just Imagine FIGHT- Godzilla VS Smaug

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  2. Mothra, you went with Mothra. You sadden me Jake. King Ghidorah even cross your mind? NO! You went with a pathetic bug.

    One aneurysm later

    At least you made the right call, Smaug is just a dragon, big whoop. Though he is nothing to scoff at, he is still just a dragon with limited abilities. Godzilla is King of the Monsters for a reason, just look at Godzilla: Final Wars (Favorite of the Millenium Series and a fitting end.) He threw Kaizer Ghidorah (140 meters tall X 200 Meters long, weighing 100K metric tons) into the air, shot his “Final” Atomic Breath launching him into space and exploded him. If that sounds absurd, then 1, you cannot truly enjoy the wonder that is a good Kaiju film, and 2, IT’S FREAKING GODZILLA! HE gives 0 ***ks on the daily!
    Good Call Jake!

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