Thoughts: The Rumble In The Air Conditioned Auditorium 2012

I watched Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart’s Rumble In The Air Conditioned Auditorium 2012. After hearing a slew of nonsense and profanity from Jon Stewart and common sense from Bill O’Reilly, I stopped wondering why CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and Comedy Central are struggling in the ratings.

All Jon Stewart did was what any liberal does, he whines and twists whatever common sense O’Reilly said. I will admit, Jon Stewart is pretty funny. He made some really great

one-liners, but repeating calling Conservatives citizens of Bulls**** mountain makes him something else: obnoxious.

O’Reilly handled himself really well. He came prepared with flashcards and notes, taking Stewart’s crap with ease. One thing is for sure, O’Reilly has dealt with some bull malarkey and he did not let Stewart’s trip him up. He stayed on topic and ignored the annoying rants of a troubled comedian.

E.D. Hill was an excellent moderator, but she kind of let both men bully her. They should have picked a tougher moderator who would not have been intimidated by the two power houses.

All in all, it was entertaining, but it sure made me glad I am a Conservative. Be sure to like and subscribe!

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