Who Is Creative?

Creativity seems out of reach for so many people. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard someone tell me, “It is easy for you. You are a writer and an artist, but I can’t do anything creative. It’s just not in my system.” It can seem like this is true. A person…

When it comes to art, stretch yourself.

If you have been exploring my Librarium, you may know that I spent some time training to become an artist. Please know, I do not consider in any standing with the greats like Leonardo Da Vinci, Joel Pollack, or Vincent Van Gough. It is quite the opposite actually. I do not even consider myself an artist…

Painting- Redeemer

Redeemer: Christ is our Redeemer. He saved us and sanctified us. It is done with a white background and golden letters. It, too, is in that Hebrew series that I started.

Painting- Burn

This is a very amazing painting, if I do say so myself. This is a fire burning away darkness. It is  a classic one I did. It is done with the finest detail. I’m so glad.

Practice of Painting

I love to paint! It’s one of the most fun and amazing things to do! I love to be inspired and just to go after it. I’m always stunned at how some folks limit themselves to one talent they have. I like to explore and try out new creative things. Truth is, I’m not a…

Painting Set- The Three Angels

Okay, I know they’re are only two angels named in the Bible, but that’s okay. In this small, 6×6 paintings, I used metallic paint to show the angels in the midst of fire. These were done on wooden canvases and with acrylic paint.

Painting- Holy Bible

God’s love letter to mankind, this is meant to be a Holy Bible laying on a table. During a movie from California to Texas, it was slightly damaged, but to me it gave the painting a bigger authenticity.

Painting- Tree of Imagination

  Trees and forests have always intrigued me. All of the vibrant colors testing the imagination. So here it is, this tree holds the key to imagination. Do we dare enter it? This one might seem amateurish, but it is another painting where I had fun!

Painting- Four Hands Bright

This is another edition of the Four Hands, but I went with some brighter colors just for fun. That’s what this one is all about! A lot of artists take their art so seriously. Sometimes, you just have to fun while you’re creating!

The Fire Burns- A Painting

This is one of the first paintings I did as a Creative Arts student. It represents fire going through and burning out all of the bad stuff. In other words, refined through fire. That is what The Fire Burns (the name of the painting) means. I did it with sponges and acrylic paint.

My 1st Painting- The Glory Spreads

The Glory Spreads I think of this as my first “real” attempt at being an artist. There were a few before it, but this one is the one that started it all. It’s meant to signify God’s glory spreading all around. Yes, that is a flat canvas.