Writers Doubt Is A Real Thing

I am a writer. I am not a fledging writer or a budding writer, I am a writer. It is true most of my works have been published on this blog, but I have written one novel and two novellas, though they have yet to be published. What few people know is that in between…

When it comes to art, stretch yourself.

If you have been exploring my Librarium, you may know that I spent some time training to become an artist. Please know, I do not consider in any standing with the greats like Leonardo Da Vinci, Joel Pollack, or Vincent Van Gough. It is quite the opposite actually. I do not even consider myself an artist…

Painting- Holy Bible

God’s love letter to mankind, this is meant to be a Holy Bible laying on a table. During a movie from California to Texas, it was slightly damaged, but to me it gave the painting a bigger authenticity.

Painting- Another Stainglass

  Another Stainglass I named this because it is the second of my stainglass series. These are widely popular for some reason. I’m glad because I love them! These are fun, creative, and just enduring. This one was done with brighter acrylic paints on an 18×24 canvas.

The Fire Burns- A Painting

This is one of the first paintings I did as a Creative Arts student. It represents fire going through and burning out all of the bad stuff. In other words, refined through fire. That is what The Fire Burns (the name of the painting) means. I did it with sponges and acrylic paint.