‘Normal World’ TV Pilot Review

Created by Garrett Morrison and Dave Landau, Normal World is a sketch comedy show that is being released on Blaze TV. The pilot episode was directed by Bryce Olejniczak.

What do you do when your son comes out of the closet… as a straight white male? If you think you are a victim, you may not be if you call a spouse “your wife.” Whenever a monstrous spirit attacks you in your own home, is there anyone who can help? The answer might surprise you.

Dave Landau is one funny dude, so I was not surprised that he got a series. It is about time. Likewise, the collaboration with Quarter-Black Garrett is spot on. Both are talented, so when the pilot for this series was announced I knew viewers would be in for a ride.

I will admit it, I laughed. The comedy was strange, weird, and outright bizarre with several of the sketches, but I had a good time. Not every sketch was for me, but that is just me. With this in mind, the humor is not something you will find on network television. This show subverts your expectations and I found myself laughing at several of the comedy transitions, especially the one with AI called PAL. They teased a lot more sketches, including one that parodies the drug-fueled TV shows seen on HBO and the CW. This is what comedy should be. It is irreverent, clever, and holds nothing back in its satire of our normal world.

Check out the poster for the show:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Foul language, Scatological humor, Sexual content

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