‘Batman: The Adventures Continue’ S3 Issue 3 Comic Book Review

DC Comics brings us the third issue of the third season of Batman: The Adventures Continue from writers Paul Dini and Alan Burnett as well as artist Ty Templeton.

Joker henchman Straightman is starting to have flashbacks to his past life before he became the Clown Prince of Crime’s seemingly invincible bodyguard. This causes Batman to intervene, but he soon finds himself at odds with Task Force X who also want Straightman. As the Joker causes more chaos, a mysterious figure is following the Dark Knight and she may have the answers to Straightman’s origins.

It was good to see Templeton return as the artist for the series. In the previous issue, it was subpar at best. Now we get to see a return to form and bring Batman from TAS back to fruition. I also like how he draws members of Task Force X. They all look good in that style.

As for the story, it is pretty good. Dini and Burnett give us a glimpse into the chaos around the Joker’s movements and how he fights dirty. Incorporating the Suicide Squad into the story was a good angle and added an extra amount of prestige to the tale. This is probably the last bastion of good Batman stories so hopefully, DC Comics will not mess it up.

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