Top 10 Favorite TV Lawyers

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If you found yourself in front of a judge, who would you call? Finding a good lawyer can be hard, but you would hope they would be careful, cunning, competent, and clever. When it comes to television, there have been some solid attorneys both defense and prosecutorial. Here are my Top 10 Favorite TV Lawyers:

Ally McBeal

Ally McBeal

The self-absorbed and neurotic Ally McBeal always had a trick up her sleeve when dealing with love and matters of justice.

Ben Matlock


A Southern gentleman whose skills at meddling and asking the right questions help his clients out in the end.

Perry Mason

When it comes to catching the bad guys, Mason is a good investigator and an attorney whose relentless search for the truth gets his clients off.

Saul Goodman

If you’re in trouble, you better call Saul.

Jackie Chiles

He is a very capable and competent lawyer, but he is not the greatest at taking the right kind of clients.

Matt Murdock

Do not let his blindness fool you. Matt is a shrewd attorney and also moonlights as the vigilante known as Daredevil.

Alex Cahill-Walker

A DA and a good one, Alex worked closely with the Texas Rangers to take down the bad guys invading the Lone Star State.

Jimmy Wyler

A former district attorney, Wyler was disgusted by the corruption in his department and would take over the practice of Hoffman & Associates after the founding partner vanished.

Phoenix Wright

OBJECTION! Wright might seem unprepared, but he always finds the contradictions to help save his client.

Sebastian Shark

Originally a talented defense attorney, Shark would take over the Los Angeles DA’s high-profile crime unit.

These are not in any particular order.

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