‘The Siege of the Black Citadel’ Novella Highlight

The Siege of the Black Citadel is the first in a Conan The Barbaria book series from legendary writer Chuck Dixon. Robert E. Howard’s Conan has passed into the public domain.

According to its GoodReads description,

“The mad emperor Strabonus sits upon the imperial throne of Koth, a danger to his subjects and Koth’s neighbors alike. When his cousin, Prince Xathomidas, raises an army in rebellion, he finds great support within and without the empire. Veteran legionaries, gold, and mercenaries flow into the prince’s camp, including one barbarian sword-for-hire from the frigid North. The towering Black Citadel stands between the rebel prince and the throne he seeks, and when its siege threatens to continue well into winter, the prince orders a small team of sell-swords to find a way into the ancient fortress called Talas K’rith.

But the Black Citadel is guarded by things more terrible than walls and swords.”

This is not Dixon’s first time around with Conan. The Cimmerian hero of the Hyberian Age was penned by him in the pages of The Savage Sword Of Conan from Marvel Comics. He does not miss a beat nor does he hold back. He shows Conan as he should be, a savage born in ancient times who is brutal and one who will be a hero for hire if the price is right. Fans of Conan and of fantasy, in general, will enjoy it.

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