‘Shy’ Volume 1 Manga Highlight

The first volume of the teen superhero manga Shy was created by Bukimi Miki and released by the Japanese publisher Akita Shoten in 2019. Yen Press brought it over to the United States in 2022.

Teru Momijiyama is a teenager who has been tapped to be a superhero in Japan. Despite being powerful, she is incredibly shy, hence her superhero name Shy. After a girl she is trying to save gets injured, Shy decides to lay low and focus on school, despite protests from her robotic sidekick Shrimp. To her surprise, Russian hero Spirit arrives to mentor Shy and introduces her to Unilord, who recruits and guides superheroes from a base in space. The two more senior heroes warn Shy that an evil force has been appearing and that it comes to Japan. This becomes true when one of Shy’s classmates gets infected by a ring that begins to turn her into a monster. Now Shy must face not only a great evil but the very girl she could not save.

Shy is a pretty cool manga series. It is hard to believe it took over three years to make it to the United States, but I am sure glad that it arrived. Like My Hero Academia, if you are looking for a new superhero series, this first volume is a good start.

Yes, the artwork is sublime, but the story is where it matters. Shy is very timid and many count her out, including the press. That being said, she is truly brave and definitely wants to save people. I also found Spirit to be funny and she provided a sort of “pro” aspect to the series.

Where it matters though, is with Shy. In this universe, heroes are chosen by Unilord who seems to pick people despite their faults and because they have big hearts. I cannot wait to see how Shy will grow in powers and meet more heroes of the world.

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