Tobymac: “Cornerstone” Music Review

Tobymac wows yet again with “Cornerstone” featuring fellow Christian artist Zach Williams. This single was released by Forefront Records.

This is a touching song that Tobymac brings us. It touches on how Christ is the foundation for our lives and no matter the troubles, He is there. Tobymac’s voice blends very well with Williams. The two of them definitely work well together and brought it all home. The music is very well composed and the lyrics are well-written. Tobymac drew from his own experience and he displays it in a fantastic way.

I also really enjoyed the music video. It shows the two of them singing in a building and occasionally shows clips of people who are suffering. Through it all, the two singers tell of how their God’s love is there for you. It went with the tone of the song and provided a lot of context for how the song came together.

Check out the music video below:

“This song was birthed at my firstborn’s funeral service. A broken man, I looked my family in the eyes and said, ‘We have to rebuild. Our hearts have been shattered into a thousand pieces,’” Tobymac told PEOPLE. “We cannot build on the promises of this world. They will let us down every time. We have to build on the promises of God. We have to build our lives on the solid rock, the cornerstone.”

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