‘Solo Leveling 4’ Book Highlight

Korean writer Chugong and the late-great artist known as Dubu bring us volume four of the web novel Solo Leveling. This action-packed series is a game-changer for RPG-style fiction.

Jinwoo gains a new power after managing to change his “class.” It allows him to summon “shadows” based on defeated monsters and this will give him an advantage. Shortly after, he goes on an expedition into what the team thinks is a small-level gate, only to discover it is a Red Gate. This type cannot be unsealed and could last for what seems like weeks to those inside. As he goes on this journey, a mysterious figure emerges from a gate in North America.

Once again, this story continues to pay off. Jinwoo’s journey from a D-Rank hunter to now one that cannot be identified. It is a harrowing quest and one where the “System,” which gives Jinwoo his strength, continues to twist and offer the young hunter more abilities. He keeps moving forward and we see him make allies, but a lot of enemies. How they will play is anyone’s guess, at least to those who have not read it yet.

Once again, the artwork is fantastic. It is one of the most incredibly illustrated web novel, or Korean comic books, that I have seen. Dubu is fantastic and it is a shame that he passed away. An incredibly talented artist was lost when he died.

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