‘My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Vol. 14’ Manga Highlight

We have arrived at the penultimate My Hero Academia: Vigilantes with volume 14. Writer Hideyuki Furuhashi and artist Betten Court have taken on this epic journey within Kohei Horikoshi’s MHA franchise.

Despite the best effort of Knuckleduster, the villain known as Number 6 has evolved into some bizarre creature that has increased strength and speed. The Crawler bravely stands up to him to protect the citizens of Naruhata and to stop Number 6 and his hordes of bomber drones. Little do they both know that the villain known as All-For-One is pulling the strings with a smile on his face.

My Hero Academia is one of the best superhero manga ever written and drawn. I was hesitant when I heard Shonen Jump was going to expand the MHA universe with spin-offs and prequels. After all, that is the case when it comes to the American comic book industry. Manga, however, proved why it is winning at the moment.

Furuhashi is driving us toward one epic finale. The Crawler went from a local do-gooder to a hero and watching him grow has been an adventure. With only one volume left for Viz Media to bring to the USA, I am sad. Was the series perfect? No, but I have loved reading it. It has been an incredible adventure and I am sad that it will come to a close.

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