‘Batman: The Adventures Continue’ S3 Issue 2 Comic Book Review

Season three of Batman: The Adventures Continue issue two of the series written by Paul Dini and Alan Burnett. This issue from DC Comics is drawn by Kevin Altieri.

A bored Harley Quinn raids the party of Cassie Kendall, an old flame of Bruce Wayne’s who has returned to Gotham City. During the party, Quinn and Bruce Wayne are stunned when Cassie is kidnapped and held for wisdom. Batman gets on the case and is forced to work with Harley Quinn who knows intimate details of the socialite that may help discover the identities of her kidnappers.

I was not impressed with the artwork in this issue. Previous entries had imitated the artistic style of Bruce Timm so it would resemble Batman: TAS, on which this series is based. This one does not even try to link up to the series and it comes off more as a cheap imitation.

As for the story, it was interesting and had a good twist at the end. That being said, it did not need Harley Quinn. She seems just thrown in for cheap giggles, but honestly, Batman alone would have worked. I was also saddened that Dini and Burnett are joining the efforts to make Quinn a Deadpool knockoff. Sure, Quinn knew how to throw a punch, but being able to dodge grenades and being as good of a detective as Batman does not make sense. Dini really needs to bring the character he co-created back to basics because this modern DC Comics take on Quinn has gotten old.

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