‘Kamen America Volume 7: Faith Of Our Fathers’ Graphic Novel Review

Iconic Comics brings us Kamen America Volume 7: Faith Of Our Fathers, their latest entry into the Kamen Corp graphic novel universe.

Carly Vanders aka Kamen America finds herself once again working with Black Hops as the Kamen Corp is spread thin fighting robotic monsters called Otomotons. Kimmy aka Kamen Ramen is in Japan. Sylvia aka Kamen Victory’s suit is damaged. Misha aka Kamen Comet returns from a mission but finds herself at odds with Carly. To make matters worse, a rival hero team called the Zenerengers is popping up more often and is showing they have nefarious purposes.

Timothy Lim once again proves his illustration skills. The characters have gotten better over time and incorporating the characters from SoulFinders has become a smooth transition. They all look very cool, but I especially liked the new costume for Agent Ruby. Apart from the women of the Kamen Corps, she is one of the coolest characters.

Likewise, Mark Pellegrini has truly advanced this story. From battling an enemy closer than expected to facing off against rival heroes, reading about the Kamen Corp’s journey has been a blast. I especially like the expansion of characters with Marmot Maiden and Icetosterone. The two of them add some flavor to the books and I cannot wait to see what role they will play in future adventures.

If you are looking for an indie comic book series to get into, Kamen America is the one for you. With beautifully drawn characters and a compelling story arc, you cannot go wrong.

In full disclosure, I did support the crowdfunding campaign for this graphic novel and I would do it again.

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