‘Jury Duty’ TV Review

Jury Duty is a mockumentary series from showrunners Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky with Jake Szymanski being tapped as director. The series revolves around a group of actors pretending jurors, however, one participant thinks it is a real trial.

Twelve jurors are assembled to hear a case of a fashion brand owner suing a former employee for the damages caused during an incident where she claims he was intoxicated. The defendant seemingly has an inept lawyer, but the plaintiff comes off as unlikable. As they deliberate, they are distracted by actor James Marsden who is forced to be an alternate as he waits and hopes to get a role in an upcoming suspense film.

The premise revolves around the show presenting a fake case and every character is on it, except for one. The crew does not reveal who the person is until the penultimate episode and gave the person a cash prize for their trouble. It was an interesting case study seeing all of the ends and outs.

This show was actually kind of fun to watch. I will not say that it had me roaring with laughter at every scene, but I did laugh a few times in every episode. What made it work was James Marsden. He did such a good job of playing it off and at times, I forgot there was a person who was not aware of the joke. I think adding him was the right call because otherwise, I think it would have been a lot more boring.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Comedic violence, Foul language, Some scatological humor, Brief sexual content

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