‘Drugstore In Another World’ Anime Review

Drugstore In Another World is an isekai comedy anime from the animation studio EMT Squared and directed by Masafumi Satō. It is based on the manga and light novels by the Japanese author known as Kennoji.

Reiji Kirio (Jun Fukushima) was a corporate drone until collapsing on the street. Awakening in a magical world, he learns a new skill, crafting medicine. After that, he becomes a pharmacist at the Kirio Drugstore near a town filled with quirky citizens. He is joined by the ghost who haunts the house where his shop is, a woman named Mina (Akane Kumada), and the childish werewolf Noela (Risae Matsuda). The three of them are soon joined by the part-timer Ejiru (Fumiko Uchimura) who claims to be the Demon Lord. They serve their community with Reiji often perplexed at their eccentric needs.

The TV series plays off almost like a Sim. We see Reiji encounter an issue with one of the quirky citizens of the local area and he uses his strange ability to create a pharmaceutical solution to their issue. His creation of a drug is highlighted by the same music video that plays over it ending with the creation glowing before it is revealed by the fairies who serve as narrators of the story.

That being said, Reiji, Mina, and Noela are all interesting characters who desire to help their friends and peers. Reiji is kind, but he is blunt with his limitations. However, his talent often gets him some high-profile notice. Mina is a ghost, but she has many human facets. She enjoys cooking and fashion, makeup and clothing. She can even become ill. Her “whisp” hair adds to her personality reminding you that she is a ghost. Noela is almost pet-like in her personality due to her being a werewolf, is loyal to Reiji, and works for his attention. Their “family” dynamic is cute and lighthearted as they solve problems for their friends and neighbors.

I also liked the design of the characters. They are drawn with a lot of color and brightness, making them seem friendly. Reiji is not overpowered like many isekai protagonists, but he is thoughtful and diligent, not to mention honest to a fault about his abilities.

It has been said that the series will not be renewed for a second season. It is a shame from one perspective, but its chill vibe made it enjoyable. With this in mind, it did not offer anything new to the genre and just kind of went along to go along in a simplistic manner.

While a second season is unlikely, I would watch it again just for how chill it was and for the beautiful colorization its animators brought to the audience.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Inappropriate humor, Minor foul language, Some violence

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