‘Batman: The Knight’ Issue 10 Comic Book Review

We have done it. We have FINALLY reached the finale of the new NEW DC Comics origin of Batman: The Knight issue 10. It is written by Chip Zdarsky and drawn by Carmine Di Giandomenico.

Bruce Wayne defeats his old buddy Anton in a duel to become the “Demon’s Heart,” the second command of Ra’s al Ghul. The eco-terrorist tells Bruce his plans of building “Lazarus Cities,” a utopian plan that will require the destruction of the current order. As Bruce grows closer to al Ghul’s daughter Talia, he starts wondering about what to do next with his life as he longs for Gotham City.

Rushed. That is how I would describe this story. Zdarsky tries to cram years of Batman lore into a single issue and, like the rest of the series, it was bland. He desperately tries to add something fresh to the origins of Batman and, at the same time, honor the past. He fails at both. There is nothing here that I can honestly say wowed me as a Batman fan and as a finale to a ten-part series is meh at best.

Yes, I know I am late. With individual issues, I typically try to do a review within thirty days. It took me five months to find this final issue. No one was selling it. I could find back issues of maybe the first three or four, but not this last entry. At one comic book shop, I even offered to buy a variant cover but the man said they only had maybe one or two issues that they had for sale and they were not restocking it. One owner admitted to me that he had trouble moving the whole series.

Yikes. Usually when Batman’s origin gets retooled, such as with Year One or Zero Year, those do very well. Honestly, I cannot say I am surprised as The Knight comes more as a poor TV pilot than a true origin.

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