Sledge X: The Squeeze’s “The Hourglass” (Cover) Music Review

My pal AlfonZo Rachel and his music project Sledge X bring us a new cover song released through Bronze Serpent Media. This time, Zo does a rock rendition of the Squeeze’s 1987 hit song “Hourglass.”

My man Zo knows how to drop a beat. Honestly, this was never one of my favorite songs that came from across the pond, but Zo’s epic drum beats make it one you can jam to. He definitely pays homage to the original version while putting his unique style that is fun. If you need a good playlist to put on at the gym, definitely check his stuff out. You will not be sorry.

As an aside, I also love his videos. You can tell he loves the music and loves to jam. It comes out in the music video as he plays and sings along to “Hourglass.”

Check out the music video below:

Songwriter and founding member of the Squeeze Chris Difford admitted that the song “doesn’t mean much.” He added, “I went to Glenn (Tilbrook)’s house and within an hour we’d written ‘Hourglass.'”

It was the first single of Squeeze’s seventh album ‘Babylon and On’ and would reach number fifteen on the USA’s Billboard Hot 100 and number sixteen in the United Kingdom. The original music video would win big at the MTV Award for its “art direction.”

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