Unspoken: “God Help Me” Music Review

The Christian pop rock band Unspoken dropped a music video for their 2023 single “God Help Me.” The song was released by the Centricity Music label and the video was directed by Richard Lee Jackson.

It is a simple, but profound song when it comes to its message. The lyrics talk about how when things get hard in the world, you can trust in God. I found it very easy to listen to and a friendly reminder that Jesus is always on our side. I also like the composition of the music. It was arranged and performed very well by the band. They definitely have good synergy with how well it came together.

As for the music video, I thought it was pretty well-made. It showed the band in a darkened room performing the song with various scenes weaved in. It matched the vibe of the song and I thought that the production was well done.

Every once in while, you need something to be uplifting. This song is definitely one of encouragement.

They wrote on their Facebook page about the music video, “In our music video for God Help Me, Chad wore a custom made multicolored coat as a nod to the Biblical story of Joseph, a man who would have known a prayer like this intimately throughout his life.”

Check out the music video below:

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