‘The Geek Ex-Hitman’ Volume 2 Manga Highlight

The Geek Ex-Hitman is an action comedy manga by creator Ko-Dai. Like its predecessor, Volume 2 was published by Kadokawa in Japan while Yen Press released the series in the United States.

With Vivian and Andre joining Marco on his journey to becoming an anime fan aka otaku in Japan, the three work together on a fan magazine of Marco’s favorite manga. They soon discover that Vivian has a powerful singing voice. Meanwhile, someone from the old country arrives to bring Marco and Andre back to Italy, which leads to a strange confrontation with a Yakuza family.

The character progression in this series is a bit fast-paced, but I still love it. As Marco morphs from a hardened hitman to a major geek, we see his sincerity transform those around him. The secret agent Vivian is revealed to be an avid reader of harlequin novels. Andre, who was sent by the Italian mob to retrieve Marco, is shown to be a talented artist. The three of them engage in some hijinks that are incredibly funny as we go from one misunderstanding to the next. I truly have a good time reading it and I cannot wait to see what is next.

Not to repeat myself, but I would recommend it for those who might have trouble understanding their loved ones who get into anime and manga. It is an excellent allegory for that and how much fun certain hobbies can be.

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  1. Did you know that people write anime and manga for a living, and they should be fairly compensated for their work? Also that if they’re being exploited, it’s reasonable for them to demand better conditions (pay) because everyone should be able to live in dignity? It’s good and decent to support people in their efforts to recieve a fair deal.

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