Author CS Johnson Launches Indie Comic ‘Dizchord’

My friend and fellow author CS Johnson is back! After wowing us with her Starlight Chronicles and the Favan And Flew series, she comes back with the indie comic book Dizchord. She is currently crowdfunding the project on Kickstarter.

She describes Dizchord as follows,

“After losing his dad, a teenager gains the ability to hear the music inside each human soul, allowing him to sense their emotions, see their past memories, and even manipulate their moods. Using his new gift, he vows to carry on his father’s legacy and bring his killer to justice.

Stephen Kibwaa had a good life and good parents, even if they pushed him hard to do his best. As a gifted pianist, Stephen was sixteen when he was invited to the Georgia Dome to play the National Anthem—but after his show, a human trafficker only known as “The Marxman” murdered Stephen’s dad during a failed kidnapping operation.

At his father’s funeral, Stephen, in his sadness and anger, was gifted with a strange new ability: Suddenly, he was able to hear the song of the souls around him. As 10 years passed by, Stephen worked hard to develop and refine his power, strengthening his body and stopping other human traffickers along the way as Atlanta’s shadowed superhero, Dizchord.”

CS Johnson has all kinds of awesome perks and gifts for folks who back the project. Not to mention a pretty cool variant cover for the hardcover version. I backed it and so can you here.

Check out the LIVE interview where I interviewed her about Dizchord:

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