‘The Last Blade’ Comic Book Review

SNK brought their fighting arcade game The Last Blade to new life as a webcomic illustrated by Cocoon Productions and released by Tapas Media. It was published in print as a comic book or a manga, depending on who you ask.

The description is paraphrased as follows,

“Japan, 1863: It is the twilight of the Samurai. After finding his adopted brother standing over their father’s lifeless body, 17-year-old swordsman Kaede sets out on a journey of revenge and to hone his strange powers — if they don’t kill him first…”

I was not a huge fan of the video game and that is not a knock. It just rarely crossed my path, but on the opportunity it did, I definitely played it and it was fun.

This comic book does a good job of bringing the characters to life in a new way. I found Kaede’s quest for vengeance very compelling and his connecting with new friends along the way to be interesting. It had a good blend of serious moments and some comedy.

Now, I did think the artwork was a bit rudimentary, but it was not terrible. You could tell it was just meant to get the story across and to look good for readers who might be using a mobile.

Essentially, while the illustrations are basic, the story is entertaining and it definitely feels nostalgic to read about these characters from a 90s video game.

Check out the cover below:

The first game in this series was released in 1997 by SNK for the Neo Geo MVS system. It is seen as a “spiritual successor” to their video game Samurai Showdown.

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