‘Monique Olivier: Accessory to Evil’ True Crime Docuseries Review

Monique Olivier: Accessory to Evil is a European true crime documentary series directed by Christophe Astruc and Michelle Fines. All five episodes debuted on Netflix.

The series describes the crimes and the trial of Michel Olivier, a French parks attendent who was arrested for numerous crimes including a series of murders of young women and girls. He was one of Europe’s most notorious serial killers who preyed on his victims from 1987 to 2003. It also focuses on the role his wife Monique played in the crimes and whether or not she was an innocent victim or a willing accomplice.

I do not understand why the docuseries tried to make Monique’s crimes seem so vague. Early on in the trial, she tried to portray herself as this innocent woman who was threatened by her serial killer spouse. Michel, himself, said this, but as more evidence came forward, it became clear that she helped him cover up the crimes and even acted as his alibi on at least one occasion. This was pretty obvious from the first episode, but the filmmakers continually interviewed, without challenge, so-called experts who wanted to avoid this fact.

Likewise, there was this journalist who was interviewed who tried to make the accusations thrown at Monique sexist. This confused me. She, at the very least, excitedly covered up her husband’s crimes and you are worried why someone was asking “how could a mother do this”? As bad as the corporate press in the USA is, in Europe, their outlets will outright slander people and then wonder why no one trusts them. You could say that here. Monique does not deserve consideration when it comes to “mean words.” She can get over it. Sure, her attorney echoed those sentiments, but that is his job as her legal aid.

As far as production, it was done very well. Netflix definitely has an eye for true crime documentaries. They did a fantastic job in that regard. They established clear timelines, highlighted the victims and their families, interview those who were involved with the case, and it was done in a sleek way.

Check out the trailer below:

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