Jonathan Young And Collaborators: “Live And Learn” Of Sonic The Hedgehog Music Review

Performed by the band Crush 40 and released on the 2001’Sonic Adventure 2′ video game soundtrack, it has since gone on to be featured on other Sonic SEGA games. Jonathan Young and his collaborators RichaadEB and Brandon McInnis cover it for a special release.

Young brings on the rock sound to get it pumping. It was kind of fun listening to him do this metal version of this incredible song. I owned the original version of the game on SEGA Dreamcast and this rendition is a good homage to it. Everyone does a good job of blending it together and it matches the overall feel of the song. RichaadEB and McInnis work themselves into the song very well, bringing some solid composition to it.

These video game song covers are always hit and miss, but Young never fails to make it entertaining. You could almost see Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Shadow, and Rouge head into the final battle with Dr. Robotnik as he plots to send his robotic army upon the world. I think Sonic and Shadow would approve.

“I go fast,” Young says in a pinned comment. Well said.

Check out the trailer below:

The song was written by Johnny Gioeli and composed by Jun Senoue. It appears in the boss fight while playing Super Sonic or Super Shadow with an instrumental version playing as part of Shadow’s solo video game.

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