‘Cyberfrog: Heartsick Horror’ Comic Book Review

Cyberfrog: Heartsick Horror is a one-shot comic book written by Ethan Van Sciver. The artwork is done by E.J. Morges with the colors done by Kyle Ritter. It was released as part of the All Caps Comics imprint.

Following the invasion of Earth by monstrous wasps, Heather Swain goes into hiding with several other survivors. She narrates her new life without Cyberfrog where she met her husband Harold. As she regales him with stories of her fighting crime with her cybernetic amphibian pal, she continues to have nightmares of Death Fly who haunts her life.

This was an excellent prequel and midquel to Cyberfrog: Rekt Planet. EVS helped flesh out some missing pieces from the plot within this new series. It was especially cool to see Death Fly. He is a staple of the comic book series and one Cyberfrog’s earliest recurring villains and a major connection to Heather Swain.

Morges handled the illustrations for this one and he does an excellent job. He truly captured the Cyberfrog look, not to mention did a fantastic job with the action sequences. Of course, Ritter is fantastic as the colorist. He has an amazing eye for this stuff and is probably one of the best in the business. I also have to shout out to Eric Weathers who made the letters pop. He is truly a master at it. All Caps definitely assembles a dream team of creators.

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