Brian Johnson: “Isn’t He Beautiful” Music Review

Written by Daniel Bashta and Brian Johnson, the song “Isn’t He Beautiful” made its debut on the Bethel Music album ‘Come Up Here’ where it is performed by Johnson.

This is a truly wonderful song that reveals how much the songwriters love Jesus. It is truly a special message that talks about the goodness of God and how amazing Christ is as our Lord and Savior. It has a thriving set of lyrics and the way the music is composed does touch the heart. No one can deny that it is meant to worship Jesus Christ.

I also appreciated how the music videos are presented in this album. They are simple concerts set in nature where the band plays simply and powerfully. You can tell it was meant to be humble and did not give off over-the-top vibes. You can tell their deep love for God as they sing their hearts out and worship Jesus.

Check out the music video below:

I know there is some controversy among the Karens within the Church who are bearing false witness about Bethel Music and Bethel Church. I don’t care. This is true worship of God and I think it is something special. I am not going to let a few heresy hunters dictate how I praise Jesus.

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In full disclosure, I did attend Bethel Church in Redding, California.

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