‘My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Vol. 12’ Manga Highlight

Serving as a prequel and spin-off to mangaka Kohei Horikoshi’s brilliant superhero MHA manga, My Hero Academia: Vigilante Volume 12 is brought to us by writer Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrator Betten Court delivers. Shueisha publishes it in Japan while Viz Media releases it in the United States.

Through flashbacks, we see a hero named O’Clock go undercover in an underground fight club. When the participants are exposed to a mysterious gas, O’Clock must rely on a boxer and the hero-in-training Muriko for crowd control. They hear that All Might is on his way, but the town could be destroyed before hand. In the present, the Crawler is on the run as Beast Jeanist, Eraserhead, Edgeshot, and Midnight chase him down to arrest him for being a vigilante. He refuses to surrender, knowing that the villainous Number 6 is out there with more plans for his friend Pop-Step.

The artwork in this one is top-notch. It has been good throughout, but this one had some great moments, especially seeing a young All-Might. This one definitely feels like you are heading to the ending and that is a sad fact.

It was cool seeing Knuckleduster in his younger days when he was O’Clock. I have a feeling there is a deeper connection between him and Number 6. I also like what is happening with the Crawler. We are seeing his story change and morph as he becomes more experienced. Furuhashi has done an amazing job bringing this story to fans and making it stand on its own. I am sad that it is coming to an end.

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