‘Cunk on Earth’ TV Review

Cunk on Earth is a mockumentary created, produced, and co-written by Charlie Brooker. It made its debut on BBC Two before being streamed on Netflix.

Philomena Cunk (Diane Morgan) is the deadpan host of all five episodes. She takes the viewer on an exploration of history, science, literature, and religion where she meets with real experts. Quizzing them on their topics of interest, we hear her take on these topics and how she mispronounces the term Dark Ages.

That dry British humor is often lost on me. I know it is cultural and has nothing to do with the skill of the performer, but it still rare when I hear one that really makes me laugh. Not so with this feature.

The character of Philomena Cunk has made several appearances on the BBC and I went into this television show without any familiarity with them. That concern was premature as they presented it in a way that anyone could join in on the fun and with Morgan’s performance, you have a good time.

If I could mention a few faults, it is that a few of the jokes were predictable and the pacing was way too fast from scene to scene to topic to topic to interview to interview, so buckle up. The crass humor was not done well either. That being said, I laughed out loud at multiple points throughout every episode.

Part of what made it so entertaining was Morgan’s delivery. Her droll deliveries and the ability to say her lines without breaking character and maintain her dryness brought on the most laughs. She had some incredible lines, including a clever joke about Thomas Edison. It was a fun little jaunt across our world and through its reverent POV, saucy humor, and antics, we get to see the world through the eyes of Philomena Cunk.

Check out the trailer:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong foul language, Inappropriate humor, Sexual content

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