‘Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody’ Volume 13 Manga Highlight

Japanese author Ayamegumu and artists Hiro Ainana and Shri publishes Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody volume thirteen. It is an isekai published by the Tokyo-based Fujimi Shobo in Japan and by Yen Press in the United States.

Satou and his crew manage to save Lady Sara and Lady Karina from a group of bandits. Among the hostages is a nobleman who treats Satou’s demihumans like slaves they were once were, but Satou stands up for them, earning his respect. They agree to escort the rescued victims to Gururian City where they live and Satou grows closer to Lady Sara, noticed by his jealous band. However, a cult known as the Wings of Freedom have arrived in the city and they are set to cause the sort of trouble only Satou can stop.

The cover for this volume is very elegant. I loved the image of Satou Pendragon with Lady Sara in the courtyard against the lit night sky. It was well drawn and it look very illustrated. The same goes for the rest of the artwork here. It is very well illustrated and fleshes out the characters nicely.

I am glad they changed directions a little bit. For the past few volumes, it has mainly felt like filler stories as Satou and his merry band escort the Elf Princess Mia back home. While this is another diversion, they at least raised the stakes a bit as a real threat waiting on the horizon has arrived. It was also nice seeing some flashbacks to Satou’s time on Earth. Hints of his past life are given, but here we actually see someone he knew and she looks familiar. I cannot wait to see where the plot takes us as Satou continues on his journey.

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