‘My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions Volume 3’ Manga Review

My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions is a spin-off of mangaka Kohei Horikoshi’s MHA. Shonen Jump publishes it, with Yoko Akiyama handling the writing and artwork. It makes its way to the United States thanks to Viz Media, which includes volume 3.

In these adventures, we see Mineta stop a dognapper after a failed attempt to get closer to the ladies. Deku and Bakugo are partnered with Mount Lady and Woods to save a forest. Midnight has the students of Class 1-A swap costumes to take a walk in their friends’ shoes. Finally, Rody and his siblings arrive in Japan to visit Deuku and his friends.

Once again, the cover is a little odd. The point of the series is that Class 1-A is teaming up with other heroes outside of their usual circle. Yet the cover is… Deku and Bakugo? The artwork itself is very well done and that goes for the chapters as well, but the cover just does not convey the meaning of the series.

Speaking of which, I’m enjoying these standalone adventures a great deal. It is cool to see the heroes-in-training meeting others within the MHA universe. I especially liked to see them work with Gang Orca. He shows up every now and then within the anime, so getting to see him in this new context was pretty cool. I also liked the follow-up to World Heroes Mission. It was a nice little epilogue to that film.

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