‘Housing Complex C’ Anime Review

Housing Complex C is a horror anime produced by the Japanese animation studio Akatsuki and directed by Yūji Nara. It aired on Toonami in October 2022.

Kimi Shirokado (Xanthe Huynh) is a young girl who lives in an apartment complex in the seaside city of Kurosaki. As summer arrives, father and fisherman Seichi Koshide (Sean Chiplock) moves to the town with his wife Keiko (Suzie Yeung) and his daughter Yuri (Kayli Mills), who befriends Kimi. Seichi also brings some Middle Eastern fishermen. Soon after, strange occurrences begin happening. Dead fish wash up with no red tide. Members of the community start vanishing with only strange algae left behind. Strange creatures are spotted. Community elder Takashi Takamura (Jack Eberle) investigates and what he finds horrors him.

Toonami had a hand in this show’s production and good for them. It was an impressive display and they definitely put their all into it. The same is true of Akatsuki whose animators brought every moment to its forefront. From the somber scenes to the truly horrifying ones, you get a chance to see their talent.

I also have to give credit to the voice cast. I watched it in English and I was impressed with everyone. They conveyed the suspicions, anxiety, and fear that the characters were feeling. You cannot go wrong with a good dub cast.

As for the story, it did have a few plot holes and logic problems, but it was truly a horrifying display. You had no idea which way it would take you. The twist at the end when you learn the whole truth is completely unexpected. I did not see the conclusion from a mile away and I doubt anyone who watched it did. I definitely got the feeling this was meant for Halloween and it was one that sent chills down your spine.

Check out the trailer below:

This review is based on the English dub.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Bloody violence, Disturbing images, Some foul language

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