‘Farming Life In Another World’ Anime Review

Farming Life In Another World is an isekai fantasy anime from the Japanese animation studio Zero-G. Directed by Ryōichi Kuraya, it is based on a light novel written by Kinosuke Naito and illustrated by Yasuyuki Tsurugi.

Hiraku Machio (Atsushi Abe) is summoned to the afterlife where a deity grants him a wish because of his harsh life in the modern world. Hiraku wishes to become a farmer and is even granted a magical farming tool. He awakens in a massive forest near a large tree. Using it as a base of operations, he begins to turn the surrounding area into a farm with the magic tool being able to transform into any tool and also release seeds. He soon tames some fire-breathing wolves and a giant spider named Zabuton who is a tailor. To his surprise, he encounters a vampire woman named Ru (Shino Shimoji) who becomes his wife. Soon after, an angel named Tia (Aya Suzaki) arrives, seeking Ru. She decides to stay and from this, others arrive and a village slowly develops. Elves, dwarves, morphing dragons, lizard men, and so many more, but the demon kingdom is watching on preparing for the worst.

First of all, the animation is amazing. For an anime with such a simple premise, they did such a good job. Every character definitely has unique look and that clearly got more challenging as the number of villagers grew. With the exception of the Lizardmen, every species felt individualistic. I especially liked the chibi moments when they wanted to expand on an idea or show a flashback.

Some people have called this a “harem” anime as most of the villagers happen to be female, something Hiraku often comments on, though men do join later. It does have some humor that comes from awkward circumstances, but most of it comes from misunderstandings or from Hiraku not understanding the subtleties of the new world he lives in.

The best way to describe this anime is chill. Instead of relying on high-octane action or dark themes, we see Hiraku slowly build a community and discover mysteries within the forest while learning the truth of his magic farming tool. Honestly, if this had been made by an animation studio in America or Europe, it probably would have been boring. However, Zero-G made this tale incredibly fun, easy to enjoy, and humorous as you watch it.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Some rude humor, Violence, Disturbing images

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