‘Love You to Death: The Jodi Arias Story’ Documentary Review

Love You to Death: The Jodi Arias Story is a Tubi true crime documentary film written by Savannah Lucas. It was produced by Fox Alternative Entertainment and Streetcar Entertainment.

The murder of Travis Alexander is one of the craziest to hear. He was slain by his girlfriend who lured him into one last fling following their breakup. She proceeded to shoot him and then stab him. Once she was caught, she tried to tell some lies and at her trial tried to claim Travis by saying he was abusive. It was an open-and-shut case, but there was something else about this trial. Because she was moderately attractive, social media took off and it became a talking point among those online. As the trial commences, the death of Travis gets overshadowed by Jodi’s sleazy smile and a media circus.

I have to admit, I was concerned. Tubi’s documentary on the Menendez Brothers descended into victim-blaming aimed at the psycho-brothers’ victims. However, this feature went out of its way to show the truth about the death of Travis Alexander. He was the victim of a brutal murder.

Through interviews with investigators, courtroom commentators, criminal experts, and family members we get a picture and timeline of the events leading up to the crime and the aftermath. It does a good job of clarifying issues with the crime and relaying the information about it. This one felt like an old school documentary complete with a narrator and that was something I missed more than I thought.

The key thing that the documentary highlighted was how the case became a media circus. It is amazing to see what court cases the corporate press chooses to make a stink about. With OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby, there at least was some celebrity status. Jodi Arias was an obsessive girlfriend. Why the fixation? Some point to Jodi’s looks and others to the advent of social media. Whatever the case is, it is a shame that the press does not treat other murder victims with the same gusto.

Check out the trailer below:

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