‘Cyberfrog 2: Rekt Planet’ Graphic Novel Review

Comic book creator Ethan Van Sciver brings us the epic sequel Cyberfrog 2: Rekt Planet. Working with colorist Kyle Ritter as well as Eric Weathers, it was released as a part of the All Caps imprint.

Cyberfrog arrives in the human settlement where his human friend Heather Swain resides with her daughter Lily, who is still searching for her missing father. The cybernetic amphibian finds himself without his brother and without his powers. As the Vyzpzz continues to hunt the humans, the leader of the settlement becomes weary of Cyberfrog’s anti-establishment attitudes, but when a familiar face from the past arrives, things begin to change.

Truly, the only thing I can criticize is how long it took Ethan Van Sciver to finish this. Yes, it was worth the wait, but it was a long wait.

I would first like to praise cover artist Jae Lee. Despite being bullied by subpar (I’m being generous) writer Tom King, Lee delivered on the cover with total expertise. It is cool, sleek, and definitely shows his talent as an incredible illustrator.

The same could be said for the entire comic book. EVS keeps raising the stakes with his comics. His story is good, compelling, and solid. Cyberfrog is back in action and out of his element, which only makes the plot more fun. I also love Heather Swain’s development. Her transition from a 90s single lady with a superhero friend to a single-mother survivalist is freakin’ cool.

As for the artwork, top-notch. EVS is a powerhouse when it comes to character designs, action sequences, and backgrounds. They are so well done and look very impressive. Kyle Ritter is a master when it comes to colorization. I know the project is going to be amazing when he is attached to it.

When it comes to indie comics, EVS is the man. There is no question about it and I am looking forward to future projects.

In full disclosure, I did support the crowdfunding campaign that raised the funds for this comic book.

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