Jason Gray: “Be Kind” Music Review

Jason Gray released the 2023 single “Be Kind.” It was released by Centricity Music and serves as a reminder that everyone has a struggle.

Gray has a favorite style of music and he stays in that lane. Sometimes that can hurt him, but not in this case. The Christian pop scene is a tough one to be genuine in, but Gray has definitely done with this song.

The lyrics remind us that everyone has a battle, so if someone is rude to you or cuts you off in traffic, be kind to them. Gray tells this in an upbeat manner in a sort of musical devotional that is simple, but impactful. He brings it all together with his reminders.

As for the composition, it is simplistic, but I cannot complain about it. You can tap your foot to it and enjoy it for its ease of listening. I think you will have a good time should it come up on your playlist or download it on an app. Gray’s message to “Be Kind” is something we all need to hear.

Check out the lyric video below:

“This is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever recorded—the message, the 80’s vibe, the friends I wrote and recorded it with. I hope you enjoy it at least half as much as I enjoyed creating it for you,” Gray said according to The Christain Beat.

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