‘BRZRKR’ 12 Comic Book Review

The final issue of the brutal comic book series BRZRKR comes to an end with the twelfth issue from Boom Studio. The series is written by Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt with artwork from Ron Garney and Bill Crabtree.

The berserker known as Unute has had his immortality stripped from him, but his lover Diana still retains her abilities. Yet, they now have to face off against a super-powered Caldwell, who is preparing to become the only immortal on Earth. This brings the adventure to its conclusion as Unute has to confront an enemy that is closer than he thoughts.

Real talk, I was upset when the final issue got delayed, but the wait was totally worth it. The ending went in a different direction than I expected. They did not “subvert” my expectations, but they did exceed them with the conclusion of the berserker’s story. I enjoyed every page of it.

I was hooked on this series from the very beginning. I enjoyed the brutal action and the plot that brought it forward, not to mention the dynamite artwork. While it does have an epic ending, the story does leave it open for a potential follow-up and I would not mind if that were the case.

For future the future, a live-action film adaptation is in the works at Netflix with Project Power writer Mattson Tomlin penning the script. Also, the Japanese animation studio behind Ghost in the Shell, Production I.G., is making a two-season anime. I will be here for it. In fact, I am impatient for it.

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