‘Nexus: Nefarious’ Graphic Novel Review

Nexus: Nefarious is a new comic book based on the character created by Mike Baron who returns to write it. Dark Horse Comics published it while Richard Bonk handled the artwork.

While on a routine patrol, Horatio Hellpop, known throughout the galaxy as the hero Nexus, accidentally collides with the Eyeborg. This causes Nexus to crash on a mysterious planet completely powerless without the power of the Merk or a yellow star. He runs into a Thune named Ike who warns the hero that the planet, known as Detention, is a hunting ground for a nearby dictator. Without his powers, Nexus and Ike have to figure out a way off the planet before hunters arrive to finish them off.

In his early years, Horatio killed humans who had committed genocide against alien societies. His targets would come from the painful dreams sent by the Merk, who also gave him his power. These days, he has found love, has a son, and acts as ruler of Ylum, thus making him more experienced. The progression of this character has been one that I have enjoyed a great deal and Mike Baron proves that he is one of the best when it comes to these conflicted characters.

As for the artwork, while Steve Rude will always be the original Nexus artist, Richard Bonk does a great job bringing this story to life. From the fight scenes to the scenery to the character designs, he and colorist Ichsan Ansori truly bring it to life.

You can never go wrong with Nexus. If you enjoy indie characters and sci-fi adventures, Baron has exactly what you are looking for.

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