‘Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody’ Volume 12 Manga Highlight

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody is written by the Japanese author Ayamegumu and featuring artwork by Hiro Ainana and Shri. The isekai series continues with volume twelve. It is published by Fujimi Shobo in Japan and by Yen Press in the United States.

Satou and his crew continue to train with the dwarves, acquiring new skills and new equipment. Mia is anxious to return to the elves, but has a good time with the dwarves. Satou is invited to join a Martial Arts contest, but politely declines before hitting the road. However, they encounter dangers in the form of giant insects that prove more dangerous than expected.

The artwork is still pretty good and I mourn that the anime was abandoned as I think it would be cool to see all of the magical items at work. Satou continues to grow in power and his action sequences are sleek. I think Liza is the unsung hero of the stories and I hope she gets more utilized.

As for the story, it is pretty much my same criticism. We keep getting hints at other arcs, but Satou continues on his escort of Mia to the elf homeland. I am somewhat ready for that to be wrapped up so we can move on. Now, I do appreciate how they meet new enemies and allies along the way, I’m just ready for a new overarching plot.

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