‘The Geek Ex-Hitman’ Volume 1 Manga Highlight

The Geek Ex-Hitman is an action comedy manga by creator Ko-Dai. Released by Kadokawa in Japan, it was published in the United States by Yen Press.

The Oracle of Florence is one of the best hitmen in Italy. However, his “job” weighs heavily on him… until one of his targets has a cutesy statue of a female superhero. Learning the collectible is from Japan, the Oracle decides to retire there. His disappearance confuses both his former mafia and the Italian government who desire to seek him out. What they find shocks them. The Oracle, now going by Marco, has dived fully into that Otaku lifestyle and is prepared for the enemies that come to finish him off.

I found this manga hilarious. It shows through comedy how Marco goes from a hardened hitman to an official Otaku, a sort of nerd who enjoys manga and anime. I love how the creator defends folks who enjoy Japanese pop culture in this way, no matter how odd or strange the piece of content might be. Through Marco, we see anime fans from the West who enjoy their TV shows, games, and other works. It was clever and told in one of the most fun ways possible.

I would recommend it for those who might have trouble understanding their loved ones who get into anime and manga. It is an excellent allegory for that and how much fun certain hobbies can be.

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