‘Link Click’ Season 1 Review

Link Click is a Chinese animated series known as a “donghua,” though some have called it an anime. The first season was developed by Studio LAN and BilliBilli with Crunchyroll releasing it in the United States.

Cheng Xiaoshi (Alejandro Saab) and his friend Lu Guang (Zeno Robinson) run a struggling photo studio and are paying off a debt to their landlord Qiao Ling (Suzie Yeung). The two friends have a shared ability to use photos to travel back in time. Cheng can actually enter the past while Lu can see twelve hours from when the photo is taken. They only use this to gather information and are not allowed to alter events. However, Cheng makes a change to the fate of a young woman named Emma (Xanthe Huynh), setting off a butterfly effect that gets the notice of an enemy who envies their power.

First of all, the animation is incredibly well done. I will admit, sometimes the backgrounds do not always look like they match the characters. That being said, it is incredible, especially how the illustrators did the emotions of the protagonists and antagonists. It was impressive, unique, and very innovative.

As for the story, some of the time-bending lore did confuse me at times, but the overall plot was very well written. Cheng and Lu are excellent protagonists who struggle with the ethics of traveling into the past. At times, Cheng wants to save a person, but the rules prevent this. It definitely has the message of not messing with fate, as something worse can happen. It presented a dilemma and used the characters to show, not tell. That is how it made it work. The conclusion leads into a total cliffhanger, so I cannot wait to see season two.

Check out the trailer below:

This review is based on the English dub.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Minor rude humor, Some violence, Minor foul language

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