50 Women To Follow On International Women’s Day 2023

Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

It is International Women’s Day! To celebrate I thought I would share my list of excellent women to follow on Twitter. Since we cannot count on the mainstream media to play it fair, I decided to remedy that issue by compiling a list of strong women who stand up for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Here is my list of Fifty Women To Follow On International Women’s Day:

Gina Carano – The actress extraordinaire has appeared in the Fast, X-Men, and Star Wars franchises.

Dana Perino – Former press secretary, author, and co-host of The Five on Fox News, Dana delivers news commentary with sharp insight and intelligence, breaking it down with ease, all while making sure her dogs get a good walk in the park.

Elisha Krauss – Conservative commentator and social media influencer, she has stood up for wholesome family values and discussed growing up as a home-schooled kid. She stands up for the unborn and is never afraid to share her opinion.

CS Johnson– She is a fellow writer and always has some home-spun knowledge and wisdom to share not just about writing, but also about life and parenting.

Kassy Dillon – She has so many great articles on feminism, socialism, foreign policy, and other hot topics. They have appeared everywhere in the Daily Wire, The Hill, The Wall Street Journal, and most recently Fox News. She founded Lone Conservative, a resource for students who feel alone in their Right-leaning views at college.

Chaya Raichick – The founder of Libs of Tiktok always makes the right people angry.

Kira Davis She is the Editor-At-Large at Redstate, standing up for the fine California workers who have been affected by the crazy regulations imposed by the Golden State Democrats. She also has appeared in some pretty good appearances in the Babylon Bee.

Savanah Hernandez – There is only one “n” in this intrepid reporter’s name. Be sure to get it right.

Dana Loesch – Radio host and author Dana Loesch is fearless in the face of criticism and has taken on the media, Hollywood, and haters in her typical no-nonsense style. Her latest book Grace Canceled is a must-read!

Chrissie Mayr – There is nothing quite like her impressions, but this comedienne is one of the funniest. If she comes to a city near you, check out her show.

Jennifer Bukowsky – Not only is she a radio host, but she is also a constitutional lawyer and award-winning criminal defense attorney with a love for liberty. She is a frequent commentator on several issues and always stands on the side of freedom.

Ann McElhinney– She is the co-host of The Ann & Phelim Scoop, a movie producer, documentarian, and author who has exposed mainstream media malfeasance, political corruption, and Left-wing bigotry.

Mia Rhode – When it comes to gun rights, Mia has your six. She’s always fighting for what is right.

Lauren Chen – Her YouTube videos and commentary have brought a much-needed voice of reason to the political discourse in this nation.

Kristy Swanson – This actress does not play political correctness with the Limousine Liberals coming out of Hollywood. She speaks truth to power in an industry where groupthink is demanded, but that has never stopped her from voicing her opinions.

Melonie Mac – Not only is she a gamer, but she is also a pop culture commentator. Never taking crap from anyone, her stuff is insanely awesome.

Kingsley Cortes – She is a social media expert and one of the coolest influencers you will meet.

Rebecca Downs – She is a fictional writer and a columnist for Townhall.

Sara Gonzales – Host and producer of ‘The News and Why It Matters’ over at Blaze Media, Sara asks all the right questions and brings some missing logic to the news of the world.

Danielle D’Souza Gill – She is a free speech advocate and rising star whose videos are gaining steam on social media.

Bree A. Dail – She is a strong Pro-Life advocate, contributor to LifeSiteNews, a podcast co-host, and a veteran. With a resume like that, what is not to like? She is not afraid of the Left’s attacks and never bats an eye when standing up for American values.

Jenna Ellis – Her book “The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution: A Guide for Christians to Understand America’s Constitutional Crisis” is a game-changer for those navigating the history of America’s Founding document. She is also the host of a podcast and radio show.

Chrissy Clark – This Daily Caller reporter also reports on the most underreported stories of the day.

Rosemary Stainbrook– My friend and fellow writer, she is a producer and radio host who covers culture, social issues, and religious freedom, all with Millennials in mind.

Hannah Bleu – A Breitbart reporter, she is also a Florida native.

Jennifer Van Laar– She is the managing editor at RedState and a stalwart defender of American values who is not afraid to call out corruption at the highest levels.

Mia Catthell – This investigative reporter for Townhall has broke some insane stores.

Amanda Head – She’s an actress known as The Hollywood Conservative and host on America’s Voice News… she has no problem calling out Hollywood for its hypocrisy and sometimes insanity.

Hilary Kennedy – The always stylish Emmy Award-winning host, contemporary blogger, and UFC enthusiast always brings a smile to her commentary.

Lila Rose – Founder and President of Live Action, she is pulling all the stops on trying to prevent the abortion lobby from winning in the battle for life.

Katie Yoder – You can find her on Fox, National Review, and the Washington Post, she is an excellent commentator who speaks boldly about several topics most Conservatives would shy away from.

Dr. Nan Hayworth – She is a proud member of the Independent Women’s Forum and a voice of reason in the tidal wave of politics.

Liz Wheeler – Host of The Liz Wheeler Show, she shines a light on all of the issues in America.

Andrea Kaye – She is the host of The Andrea Kaye Show. Andrea is unafraid to call out the Left and people in her own movement.

Adryana Cortez – The Red Pill chica brings new stories to life and is unafraid of the Left.

Mandy Summers – If you are looking for an alternative to the big comic book publishers, look no further. She has several titles to purchase.

Konni Burton – She is the Founder and CEO of The Texan News, a Lone Star alternative to the Left’s growing influence in the state’s media complex.

Brigitte Gabriel – She is a survivor of terrorism who is not afraid to stand up to the Left’s political attacks. Her organization calls out the political correctness and challenges people to see the very real threat of religious extremism.

Sharyl Attkisson – This intrepid reporter went independent when the corporate press tried to silence her.

Carole Novielli – She is a writer for LiveAction News who reports on issues that affect the sanctity of life.

Steph Anie – From Geeks & Gamers to the Salty Crackers crew, no sector of pop culture is safe with her on the case.

Antonia Okafor – She is a Second Amendment Advocate, Director of Outreach for Gun Owners of America,⁣ Founder of Empowered 2A, and a fellow of the Falkirk Center who stands up for rights of gun owners everywhere.

Sydney Watson – She is a rabble rouser and YouTuber who will not let anyone silence her.

Nicole Russell – Her works appear in the Federalist and the Daily Signal, covering a wide variety of topics all with a focus on current events. Her sharp wit and uncanny ability to find the weakness in political correctness is impressive.

Inez Stepman – She is a TEA Party Constitutionalist who also has fine tastes when it comes to the Western film genre. Her opinions may be unpopular to the Left, but she is bold none-the-less.

Brittany Martinez – She is the Editor-in-Chief of Evie Magazine, a resource for women, young and old, who are tired of the gossipy trash at the supermarket. Now you can find pieces about culture, masculinity, femininity, and relationships without the politically correct spin.

Catherine Hadro – She is the host of Pro-Life Weekly on EWTN where she speaks out about life and giving the unborn the chance to survive.

Stacy Washington – This nationally syndicated radio host and USAF veteran is not afraid to challenge the stereotypes that the Far Left push on Americans. Her sharp commentary brings some wisdom to the crazy world of politics.

Elisa Steele – She is a Christian, blogger, and social media guru who you know as the purveyor of Conservative Babes. She uses her podcast Deconstructing The Culture to give common sense commentary to politics and culture.

Sarah McConnell – A staff writer for The Texan news, she covers a plethora of topics including politics, local issues, and the Texas legislature for readers everywhere.

These are the real women who speak truth to power. Whether in politics, entertainment, or the media, these fine ladies lead in bringing about topics of liberty, justice, life, and freedom. This list is made in no particular order and with highest respect for the women on the list.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Tell me if there is a comic book, movie, or novel you would like me to review. While you are at it, check out these 12 Pop Culture YouTube Channels To Subscribe To In 2023. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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