‘My Hero Academia Season 6 Part 1: Paranormal Liberation War’ Anime Review

My Hero Academia enters its sixth season with a bang with the first part being the Paranormal Liberation War. The show is produced by the Japanese animation studio Bones and directed by Masahiro Mukai.

The Heroes have discovered the two hideouts following the merger of the League of Villains with the Metahuman Liberation Front to create the Paranormal Liberation Front. One unit is led by the number one hero in Japan Endeavor (Patrick Seitz) to assault the hospital where Shigaraki (Eric Vale) is being upgraded. The other is led by Hawks (Zeno Robinson) from behind enemy lines at their HQ. Even though the female hero Mirko (Anairis Quiñones) manages to find the hospital lad, Shigaraki awakens and creates havoc. Deku (Justin Briner) and the others in class 1-A are forced to serve as backup, but when Shigaraki senses Deku’s quirk that he received from All-Might (Christopher Sabat), Deku heads to the battle. However, the villain known as Dabi (Jason Liebrecht) reveals a dark secret that will shatter the core of the heroes.

Just when you think this show cannot go any further, they raise the stakes on you. For the first five seasons, you had nothing but negative thoughts for Endeavor. This time, you learn things from his past that display how he was shaped. He encountered a tragedy, but instead of dealing with it in a healthy way, he choose to fall deeper into his competition, changing him for the worse. It was a daring story arc that brought this portion of the story to a crescendo.

I also like how it explored the morality of heroes. Hawks is forced to kill a villain who could turn the tide of the battle and that causes him and the public to doubt him. These themes are presented in dynamic ways, unlike modern superhero films or TV shows these days.

Of course, I would be remiss in mentioning the battle between Deku and Shigaraki. We see them as almost mirror images of one another, but while the former had a good mentor, the other had an evil one. This makes their clash that much more dramatic and leaves you excited for what is next.

Check out the trailer below:

This review is based on the English dub from Crunchyroll.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Some rude humor, Violence, Disturbing images

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