‘The Stars Asunder’ Sci-Fi Novel Highlight

Sci-fi novelist Jon Del Arroz brings part two of “The Aryshan War” trilogy with The Stars Asunder, released in 2020. It continues the forbidden love story of the human Sean and the alien leader Tamar.

Here is the synopsis from the GoodReads article,

“A deep conspiracy upends a civilization… which could cost the lives of billions.

The war rages on between Earth and Arysha, even after the death of a prominent Aryshan leader.

Sean Barrows is sent into Aryshan space a second time to gain details on their fleet movements and objectives, but he has a greater goal in mind: find the love of his life. But a major threat looms for everyone: a new fleet of Aryshan ships which can go unseen and launch deadly stealth attacks. Can two civilizations survive?”

As sci-fi continues to be infected with political pandering, Del Arroz brings you some good ol’ fashion space opera. It has an excitement that is missing from a lot of pop culture. I love how the story advances and throws you a curve ball when Tamar gets captured by a cult bent on keeping her people at war with Earth and how Sean struggles to maintain his cover as a spy and cover his emotional state with Tamar’s new normal. I cannot wait to see what is next for this universe and how it will expand on the plot.

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