‘My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions Volume 2’ Manga Review

My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions is a spin-off of Kohei Horikoshi’s MHA. It is published by Shonen Jump with the writing and artwork being done by Yoko Akiyama. Viz Media publishes it in the United States and that includes this second volume.

The heroes-in-training of Class 1-A are getting opportunities to work with other heroes. This includes Deku and Tokoyama partenering with the mysterious “edge lord” hero Odd-Eye. Toru and Ojiro find themselves getting mocked during a talk with some elementary school students. Bakugo, Red Riot, and Shoto try to solve a mystery at a theme park while All Might’s interview with Present Mic goes a bit array.

Unlike the other spin-off Vigilantes, all of these stories are one-shots but have a good connection to the main My Hero Academia series. I enjoyed how it expanded on some of the side characters, allowing the reader to get to know them and enjoy their side quests.

I think my favorite story was when All Might and Present Mic tried to give advice to callers, but their incredibly different styles turned the interview chaotic. It was pretty funny and once again highlighted how the characters of this world are unique in their own way. It is definitely one that I enjoyed a great deal and cannot wait to read the second one. These are the kind of adventures that I like and one I am not finding with American comic book companies.

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