‘My Happy Marriage’ Volume 2 Manga Highlight

My Happy Marriage is a fantasy romance manga written by Akumi Agitogi and illustrated by Rito Kosaka. It is published by Square Enix in both Japan and the United States. This includes the second volume.

Miyo is still getting used to life at the stoic Kiyoka Kudo’s home. She was cast out by her family when it was revealed she did not have the “gift.” Her father, stepmother, and stepsister all treated her harshly, but she is finding new life at Kiyoka’s home. Soon, her stepsister becomes jealous and wants to leave her finance for Kiyoka, though her father forbids it. Miyo realizes her upcoming marriage is in jeopardy, but the Kudo home is more welcoming than she realizes.

Like the first volume, the artwork is very well done. Tsukiho Tsukioka did a great job with the character designs and Kosaka likewise brought the story to life with the illustrations. He certainly managed to capture the emotions that Miyo feels and how she grows to admire her fiance. We also see Kiyoka continue to evolve from a harsh military leader to one who shows compassion.

For fans of romantic dramas with a hint of supernatural elements, this is definitely the story for you. The story combines plot points from Beauty of the Beast, where a young man is forced into a relationship with a harsh man who softens his heart as he gets to know the young woman. It also has elements of Cinderella where a woman was abused by her family, forcing her to feel rejected only to find true love with a stranger. These combine for a good story and a solid plot. I think anyone who enjoys these kinds of tales will find this story just as enthralling.

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