‘Batman: The Adventures Continue’ S3 Issue 1 Comic Book Review

From writers Alan Burnett and Paul Dini comes Batman: The Adventures Continue Season 3 issue 1. With Jordan Gibson as the artist and DC Comics publishing, it is set in the world of Batman: TAS.

The Muscle finds himself targeted by several crime bosses while in Stonegate Prison. He is attacked by Killer Croc who found a way in through the sewers. He is saved by Batman, who along with Commissioner Gordon and Det. Montoya, want him to turn state witness. At first, the Muscle refuses, but the prison chaplain convinces him. However, the vigilante known as Lock-Up has plans of his own.

Before I dive into the review, I would like to say that I found Paul Dini and Alan Burnett’s tribute to the late-great Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy was very touching.

As for the comic book itself, the artwork does a good job of capturing the style of Batman: TAS. I especially liked how they moved Lock-Up with his original outfit instead of trying to change it with several of the other Arkham inmates who got makeovers in the final season.

I am glad DC Comics brought this series back. I have ceased all of my pulls from the comic book publisher but I might buy this one. Dini and Barnett are excellent writers and they really know the kind of Batman that the fans want. In just a few issues, they have rekindled my interest in Batman comics. Hopefully, the powers that be will take notice.

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