‘My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Vol. 10’ Manga Highlight

Manga writer Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrator Betten Court bring us the tenth volume of My Hero Academia: Vigilante, a prequel and spin-off to Kohei Horikoshi’s brilliant superhero MHA manga. Shueisha publishes it with Viz Media releasing it in the United States.

The villainous Number 6 has transformed Pop Step into the new Queen Bee. Using her powers and army of Bee Bombs, she rains terror in the Japanese city of Naruhata. The Crawler works with allies to save his friend, but he must hurry. The number two hero Endeavor has brought his hero agency to handle the crisis, even if it means killing Pop Step. The Crawler cannot let that happen but finds himself in danger when Endeavor hears about a vigilante in the city. Meanwhile, the former hero Knuckleduster has his own plans.

Betten Court does a good job with the illustrations. It truly adds to the epic tone of the series as we see the character illustrations and the action sequences come to life.

While the story has relied on comedy, this one takes on a serious note. We see the desperation of the Crawler wanting to save his friends. We see the harsh reality of officially licensed heroes who want to save lives, even if it means acting as an executioner. All of these undertones churn out one epic tale as we see the hopes and dreams of the Crawler come to fruition as the manga heads toward its finale.

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