Sledge X: S.O.S. Band’s “Take Your Time” (Cover) Music Review

“Take Your Time (Do It Right)” is the debut single of the S.O.S. Band ahead of their 1980 album aptly titled ‘SOS.’ My pal AlfonZo Rachel and his band Sledge X bring their cover of the song released through Bronze Serpent Media.

Sledge X brings on its signature rock to the sound. When it comes to music genre switching, in this case, funk to hard rock, it is always a gamble. However, Zo knows what he is doing. The original one had a beat that you could tap your foot to while Zo’s cover gives you one to pump your fist at. It is a fun thing to listen to and I think that it gives a good take on the song’s composition and lyrics.

As for the music video, we see Zo performing several instruments including the electric guitar, bass, and drums to colorful lenses that match up with the sounds of the song. It worked well as a cover and a music video.

Check out the music video below:

The original version of the funk song was released by Tabu Records with half of the song on the “A-side” and the other half on the “B-side” of SOS. It was number one on the R&B Billboard charts and number three on the Hot 100 chart. According to RIAA, the album is certified platinum

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