‘Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody’ Volume 10 Manga Highlight

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody enters its tenth manga volume from writer Hiro Ainana, illustrator Ayamegumu, and publisher Kadokawa. Yen Press released it in the United States.

Satou and his team arrive at Muno City to bring Lady Karina to her family. The baron thanks him profusely, but Satou warns him of the fast-approaching goblin army. The city’s magistrate is revealed to be possessed by a demon, who has cursed the city’s core, rendering all defenses useless. Satou and his friends have to fight the demon magistrate before the goblin army arrives to destroy the city.

While I have not been with all of the sidequests, I did like this one. Satou faces a powerful foe who has a seemingly endless amount of energy. My favorite chapter is when Satou has done armor to disguise himself so his true power would not be revealed. His “hero” armor has some of the best designs. I’m not going to lie, it was cool to see it after it being absent for so long.

The plot was exciting and had several action sequences that were excellently drawn. The artwork was particularly sleek in this one, especially with the battle scenes. I thought it was top-notch on that level.

I hope to see Satou carry on his initial mission and that we can see where he It keeps me hooked on this fantasy isekai.

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